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Directory Submission: A waste of money and time?

If you have been somewhat dabbling and learning about the SEO game or work for an organization that engages an agency for their SEO activities then you will have heard about directory submission, which is used as part of a cohesive link building approach . Some agencies will charge you an arm and a leg for submitting your website to online directories while others shun the practice altogether. This begs the question: does directory submission actually help with SEO?

The answer is maybeI know, not quite the answer you were hoping to hear but it is important to understand when directory submissions do actually work.

The biggest problem with directory submission is that most services take your website and simply submit to hundreds or even thousands of directories scattered all over the '˜net. The crux of the whole failure is because most directories include your website link on their inner pages which in most cases have a zero or n/a pagerank. Worse still is that most of the inner pages are not indexed in Google yet and some are so deep in the site (more than 2 clicks from the homepage) that Google spiders (bots) don'™t regularly visit those pages to find new links.

One thing you have to remember is that the quality of the links is more important than the quantity. In our experience with all our clients and on our own sites, traditional directory submissions yielded absolutely no improvements in the rankings of the target keywords for medium-high competition keywords. However we did success in improving the rank for 'long tail'™ (3+) keywords (e.g: pest control services Brisbane). These keywords have in most cases very low competition so a small amount of link building can yield some positive results.

So, do we still utilize directory submissions? Yes we do, but we include it in conjunction with other link building activities as we believe that a synergic approach that encompasses several methods of link building works best. Here is when we use directory submissions:

  • If a website is new and requires basic link building to get the proverbial ball rolling
  • Getting the site indexed in Google quickly
  • Acquiring leads in the shortest possible time
  • Ranking for low competition 'long tail' keywords (also known as the "low hanging fruit")

For an established website, one that has been online for years and that operates in a competitive industry; a more aggressive link building strategy is required. That is where an SEO agency like ours can help build the backlink 'real estate' required to propel the website to the top of the search engines. Up to a dozen backlinking strategies are utilised which include links from educational (.edu), governmental (.gov) agencies, PageRank 9 websites, Australian directory submissions and much more.

Google LOVES this link building diversity and will reward the website with rankings improvements.

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