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Why You Need to Avoid FREE Search Engine Submission Services!

One of the most common questions we get is '┬ťare those services offering free search engine submission worth the money?'. Here is the short answer: stay away from free search engine submission services. Some companies actually charge for these so called free submissions and the worst part is the website sometimes ends up in the dreaded Google sandbox.

Sandbox refers to when Google and/or other search engines "de-index" your website by not showing it in the search results for an indefinite period of time. As you can imagine, this can be really frustrating as you can end up waiting months before you see the site listed.

So if free search engine submission is not the answer then how can you get your website indexed in all the major search engines in the fastest possible fashion? The answer is to leverage off other more established websites. Google LOVES aged websites that are updated regularly with fresh content and article directories including fall under this category. Simply piggyback on their authority to proper your site in all the search engines. Here's how the process works:

  • You sign up at a major article directory such as (our favourite so far)
  • Submit a 300-350 word article
  • Make sure you include a link using your target keyword pointing back to your site in the 'About the author' (also sometimes called 'Author Bio' or 'Resources' section)
  • Search engines visit the article and see the link to your website
  • Your website will show within a few days in most search engines.

Article directories are great for also providing your business the first trickle of much needed traffic and online exposure. All great SEO service providers include this method of distribution in the overall link building strategy.

After your website is listed the next step is to ensure you are getting the traffic via high search engine rankings and that is where we can help guarantee your success in this arduous and specialized process.

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